Photography – Case Studies, latest images, musings, interests


Today, I mostly like : Mountains and winter, 5am not 5pm, images not cameras. Photographers, Robert Frank and Gary Winogrand. Silence and sirens. Scott Bikes and footballs. Zero rh+ rather than Rapha. My Ritual hockey stick. Hot or cold, but don’t give me temperate. Instinct not calculation. Being out rather than in. Malcolm Gladwell not Nick Hornby, The Coen Brothers over Tarrantino. Bombay Bicycle Club new album, ‘So Long See you Tomorrow’, Underworld, Danny Boyle and Elizabeth Frazer. Jay Rayner not AA Gill, joy over cynicism. Philosophy not Physics. Rouleur and the cyclist Vasil Kiryienka. Gay Talese’s book ‘Frank Sinatra Has a Cold’, Howard Hodgkin, Gabriele Marcotti, Tony Benn, a North South Divide, Fargo and ‘The Trip…’

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